Our Strategy

We aim to support people who share our entrepreneurial mindset and have a uniquely brilliant idea.

We win when we invest in sectors we properly understand, and ideally, those in which we have a competitive advantage. Here, we can seize opportunities that only we are aware of.  We look at investments which others, for whatever reason, do not consider interesting. As a team, we work to understand them and uncover their full potential.

We are exceptionally positioned to seize opportunities as they arise, especially at the illiquid, less efficient and smaller end of investment.

We are also truly flexible in how we structure investments. We sit down and find solutions, because there's always a solution if there's a willingness to be creative.

Our investment process is rigorous.  We leave no stone unturned; working in close collaboration with management teams to fulfil the business potential, in any given environment.

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UK SME Alternative Lending Platform
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Talent, Creativity and Hard Work
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ThinCats help mid-sized SMEs thrive by providing consistent, timely, flexible funding solutions. They provide loans from £1m to £15m using pioneering data, personal relationships and a pragmatic and flexible lending process. Mid-sized SMEs account for more than 25% of UK GDP and are underserved by mainstream lenders. Their approach has provided SMEs with more than £1.2 billion in funding.

ThinCats has a multi-disciplined team drawn from commercial/investment banking, direct lending, asset management and data analytics. It utilises best-in-class technology platform to process all stages of the borrower lifecycle and has built a market-leading proprietary risk model (“PRISM”) covering the whole mid-sized UK SME population.

Loans are funded through combination of senior bank facilities, alongside ThinCats own capital, and forward flow funding lines. ThinCats loan book has generated a strong risk adjusted returns

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Unlocking proprietary investment opportunities
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Matter Real Estate
Unlocking proprietary investment opportunities
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Founded in 2021, Matter Real Estate invests in value-add and opportunistic real estate across Northern Europe by partnering with management teams to create scaled platforms in evolving sectors.

Matter Real Estate’s team has nearly 200 years of combined real estate experience, with expertise in financing, development and asset management. In 2021 Matter Real Estate had over GBP 350 AUM.

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Smart cash investing, made easy
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Smart cash investing, made easy
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Founded in 2016, TreasurySpring is a Fintech company providing new digital pipelines to connect cash-rich firms with institutional borrowers. Its FTF (Fixed-Term-Fund) platform gives holders of large cash balances online access to a menu of cash investments updated on a daily basis.

TreasurySpring’s FTFs are financial products that offer exposure to debt from a single investment-grade issuer for a fixed term. FTFs can provide access to highly rated financial institutions, sovereigns, supranationals or corporations.

TreasurySpring further significantly increased their staff by 100%, grew their client base by 80% and their AUM rose by 2.6x in 2022 alone.

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